.NET Web Forms Add-in

You can use the .NET Add-in to test .NET Web Forms user-interface objects (controls).

The following tables summarize basic information about the .NET Web Forms application support and how it relates to some commonly-used aspects of UFT One.

General Information

Add-in Type

The .NET Add-in functions like a Web-based add-in when testing .NET Web Forms controls. Much of its functionality is the same as other Web-based add-ins.

Supported Environments

For details on supported .NET Web Forms environments, see the .NET Add-in section of the UFT One Support Matrix.

Test Object Methods and Properties

The .NET Add-in provides test objects, methods, and properties that can be used when testing objects in .NET Web Forms applications. For details, see the .NET Web Forms section of the UFT One Object Model Reference for GUI Testing.

Important Information
  • When UFT One learns .NET Web Forms objects, it does not learn the HTML elements that comprise the test objects. For example, when UFT One learns the WbfGrid test object, the WbfGrid object is the bottommost object in the hierarchy, and the HTML elements used to create the grid's cells are not learned.

  • When you load the .NET Add-in, the Web event recording configurations designed for this add-in are loaded and are used whenever you record on a .NET Web Forms object. The.NET Web Forms Web event recording configurations do not affect the way UFT One behaves when you record on other non-.NET Web Forms Web objects. For details, see the section on Event recording configuration.

Troubleshooting and Limitations

Known Issues- .NET Web Forms


Opening Your Application

You must open UFT One and set the Record and Run options before opening your .NET Web Forms application. Open your application only after you begin the recording session.

Add-in Dependencies

The Web Add-in must be loaded.


Configuration Options

Use the Web pane.
(Make sure that a GUI test is open and select Tools> Options > GUI Testing tab > Web > General node.)

Record and Run Settings

Use the Web tab.

Test Settings

Use the Web pane.

Custom Active Screen Capture Settings

Use the Web section.
(Tools > Options > GUI Testing tab > Active Screen node > Custom Level)

Application Area Additional Settings pane

Use the Web pane.
In the application area, select Additional Settings > Web in the sidebar.