UFT One program use

This topic provides background information on using UFT One.

Demo applications

Many examples in this help use the Advantage Online Shopping sample web site. The URL for this web site is: https://www.advantageonlineshopping.com/#/.

Note: You must register a user name and password to use this site. These credentials are not persistent. If you start a new session on the Advantage Online Shopping sample web site, you need to redefine your credentials.

A sample Flight Windows-based application is also provided with the UFT One installation.

You can open the Flight API and Flight GUI applications in various ways:

  • From the Windows Start menu.
  • <UFT One installation folder>/samples/Flights Application/FlightsGUI.exe (for the Flight GUI application)
  • <UFT One installation folder>/samples/Flights Application/FlightsAPI.exe (for the Flight API application)

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Many operations are performed using the mouse.

In accordance with Section 508 of the W3C accessibility standards, UFT One also recognizes operations performed using the MouseKeys option in the Windows Accessibility Options utility.

Additionally, you can perform many operations using shortcut keys.

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Unicode Compliance

UFT One is Unicode compliant according to the requirements of the Unicode standard, enabling you to test applications in many international languages.

Test non-English language applications as long as the relevant Windows language support is installed on the UFT One computer.

Names and paths of tests and resources (for example, function libraries, object repositories, and recovery scenarios) are not Unicode compliant and therefore should be specified in English or in the language of the operating system.

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