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Watch movies in our gallery to learn more about working with UFT One.

What's New

Watch the What's New videos and learn about the main new features included in the latest releases.

What's New in UFT One 23.4

What's New in UFT One 2023

What's New in UFT One 2022

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AI-based Testing

Watch videos that introduce AI-based testing and demonstrate how it can be used.

AI-Powered Intelligent Test Automation with the UFT Family

UFT One uses AI to Create a Single Automated Test Script to Run on Multiple Platforms and Browsers

Testing SAP SuccessFactors using UFT One’s AI Capabilities

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AI-based Testing Tutorials

Watch videos that walk you through multiple scenarios for designing AI-based tests. These videos demonstrate recording, identification, describing nearby objects, and validating text values.

Create Scripts Intelligently using UFT One’s AI Record

Identify Objects Effortlessly with AI Object Inspection in UFT One

Send Feedback to Us about AI Directly from UFT One

Test Even Earlier using UFT One’s AI Object Mockup Inspection

Describe Objects using Identifiers in UFT One

Best Practices for using GetValue in UFT One

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Core Functionality

Learn more about specific UFT One features:

RPA: Onboarding SAP Users
Onboarding SAP users with UFT and Service Management Automation (SMA-X).

Business Process Testing
Create, run, and maintain tests using a script-less approach.

Test Combinations Generator
Create multiple test data combinations for your application tests.

Cross Browser Support
Perform cross-browser testing with UFT One.

Parallel Testing with Jenkins
UFT One - Parallel Testing on Multiple Environments with Jenkins.

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UFT Family

Enhance your test automation using OpenText's UFT Family of functional testing solutions.

Smarter Testing with UFT Family

Access Digital Lab devices
Configure Digital Lab devices and access them from UFT One

UFT One and Digital Lab
Record and run tests on a mobile device

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Additional Video Resources

The following links include a selection of video resources about functional testing:

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