Automation and Schema References

The following references describe:

  • Objects, elements, and attributes that you can use to control UFT One and its object repositories from other applications.
  • The elements and types you need to use if you want to build or analyze UFT One reports or object repositories in XML files.
Reference Description

Automation Object Model Reference

The UFT automation object model provides objects, methods, and properties that enable you to control UFT from another application.

Use these objects, methods, and properties to write scripts that configure UFT One options and run tests or components instead of performing these operations manually.

Object Repository Automation Reference

The Object Repository automation object model enables you to manipulate UFT shared object repositories and their contents from outside of UFT.

Use the objects and methods of the Object Repository automation object model to write programs that manipulate shared object repositories.

Object Repository Schema Reference

Describes the elements and types defined for the object repository schema.

Use these elements and types when importing and exporting object repositories from and to XML files.

Run Results Schema Reference Provides details about the structure of the Run Results XML schema, and describes the elements and attributes used in the its XML reports.