Captured Data Pane (Run Results Viewer)

This pane may display a still image of your application for the highlighted step, a bitmap checkpoint image, a file content checkpoint comparison, or other data, for example, if the step was performed for an UFT One API Test step.

To access

Select View > Captured Data or click the Captured Data tab.

Important information
  • Screen captures for UFT OneGUI steps. By default, UFT One saves a still image of your application for failed steps. When you select a failed step in the run results tree and select the Captured Data pane, the pane displays a screen capture of your application corresponding to the highlighted step in the run results tree. If the highlighted step does not contain an error, no screen capture is displayed.

    In UFT One, you instruct UFT One to include still images of your application in the run results by setting the Save still image captures to results option in the Screen Capture pane (Tools > Options > GUI Testing tab of the Options dialog box.

  • Captured Data pane for UFT One API steps. The Captured Data pane contains most of the information that is relevant for UFT One API steps. For details on the content that can be displayed in this pane, see Captured Data Pane Contents for UFT One API Steps.
  • Captured Data pane for file content checkpoint steps. The captured data pane displays a side-by-side comparison of the expected and actual lines from the file.
Relevant tasks

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