Data Pane (Run Results Viewer)

This pane contains the runtime version of the data table associated with your test or with your ALM configuration (relevant only for business process tests). It displays the values used to run a test or configuration that contains Data Table parameters, as well as any output values retrieved from a test or an ALM configuration during a run session.

If you select a node in the run results tree that represents a step using data table values, the relevant row is highlighted in this pane.

To access

Select View > Data or click the Data tab.

Important information
  • This pane may display one data sheet or several data sheets divided by tabs. For example, a UFT One GUI test may use data table parameters from the global sheet and individual action sheets.

    Note: Sheets that contain no data are not displayed in the results.

  • Use the context menu items to copy or export the data in the run results.
See also

For details on the run-time data table, see the section describing the Data pane in the UFT One User Guide.