Screen Recorder Pane (Run Results Viewer) (UFT One GUI Testing Only)

This pane enables you to view a movie of a run session. You can view the entire movie, or you can view a frame for particular segment (by selecting a node in the run results tree or by clicking on a specific point in the slider).

To access

Select View > Screen Recorder or click the Screen Recorder tab.

Important information
  • You can customize whether UFT One captures movies and the criteria used to save them, using the Save movies to results option in the Screen Capture pane (Tools > Options > GUI Testing tab > Screen Capture node) of the Options dialog box. For details, see the section describing the Screen Capture pane in the UFT One User Guide.

  • Use of multiple monitors: The Screen Recorder records a movie of the operations performed on your primary monitor. Therefore, if you are working with multiple monitors, make sure that your application is fully visible on your primary monitor when recording or running a test or component.
  • Prevent UFT One from obscuring your application. The Screen Recorder saves a movie of your entire desktop. You can prevent the UFT One window from partially obscuring your application while capturing the movie by minimizing UFT One during the run session. For details, see the section describing the screen recorder in the UFT One User Guide.
  • View full screen. You can double-click the Screen Recorder pane to display the Screen Recorder in full-screen mode and hide the run results tree. Double-clicking again restores the Screen Recorder to its previous size and displays the run results tree. When the Screen Recorder is expanded, the playback controls at the top of the Screen Recorder automatically hide after approximately three seconds with no mouse activity, or when you click anywhere on the Screen Recorder. They reappear when you move the mouse again.

User interface elements are described below:

UI Elements


First Frame. Click to view the first frame in the movie.

Play/Pause. Click to play or pause the movie. When you click Pause, the relevant tree node is highlighted.

Stop. Click to stop the movie.

Last Frame. Click to view the last frame in the movie.

Slider. Drag the bar to view a particular frame in the movie. When you click the bar, the relevant node is highlighted in the tree. When you play the movie, the slider automatically moves to the position of the currently displayed frame.

Volume Control. Drag the bar to the right or left to control the movie sound.

Mute. Click to turn off the movie sound, if any.