Test Flow Pane (Run Results Viewer) (UFT One API Tests Only)

This pane contains a snapshot of the canvas containing the test's steps . The snapshot shows the order of the steps and the connections between them. You can scroll down, zoom in, and set the displayed details level, as you would in the test's canvas.

If you select a node in the Run Results tree that represents a step in the Test Flow, it is highlighted in this pane.

To access

Select View > Test Flow.

Important information

The Test Flow pane is not shown by default when the Run Results Viewer opens.

User interface elements are described below (unlabeled elements are shown in angle brackets):

UI Elements


Zoom Level scroller

Enables you to control the magnification of the steps in the canvas.

  • Zoom Out (Ctrl -)
  • Zoom In (Ctrl +)

Restore Default Zoom. Restores the canvas display to the default view.

Details Level

Enables you to select the detail level of the display:

  • None
  • Links only
  • Links and linked parameters
  • Links and all parameters
<display area>

The test steps as displayed on the test's canvas.