Parameterized values in the run results

A parameter is a variable that is assigned a value from an external data source or generator for a test, or from within a component. You can view the values for the parameters defined in your test or component in the Run Results Viewer.

To view parameterized values, expand the nodes in the run results tree and click the root node to view test or component input and output parameters, or click an action node that contains parameterized values (tests only).

Test and component parameters are displayed in the Parameters section of the Executive Summary area of the Results Details pane, which you display by clicking the root node of the run results tree. The example below shows input test parameters. The Parameters section would be identical for input component parameters.

If output test or component parameters were defined, they would be displayed in this pane beneath the input parameters.

For action parameters, the name and value of the input and output parameters are displayed in the Result Details pane. Similar results would be displayed for a component.

The example above shows input parameters that were defined at the action level. If output parameters were defined at this level, they would also be displayed in this pane.W