Run Results Deletion Tool (UFT One Only)

This window enables you to view a list of all the run results in a specific location in your file system or in an ALM project. You can then delete any run results that you no longer require.

You can sort the run results by name, date, or size, so that you can more easily identify the results you want to delete.

To access

In the Run Results Viewer, select Tools > Run Results Deletion Tool or select the Run Results Deletion Tool button in the toolbar.

Important information for ALM users
  • To delete run results from an ALM project, connect the Run Results Viewer to an ALM project before browsing or entering the path. Specify the ALM test path in the standard ALM format.

    [QC-TEST];;Subject\<folder name>\<test name>;;

    For details on connecting to ALM, see Connect to ALM.

  • You can delete results from only one test at a time. Make sure that you have Delete Run permission for this ALM project.
  • For details on ALM project permissions, contact your ALM administrator or see the section on permission settings in the ALM administrator guide.
Relevant tasks

Delete run results

User interface elements are described below:

UI Elements


Test or folder

The path from which you want to delete run results. When working with the file system, you can specify a test or a folder. When working with ALM, you cannot specify folders.


Enables you to browse to and select the folder or specific run results that you want to delete. By default, clicking the Browse button opens the Open Test dialog box. If you want to browse to a folder, click the down arrow and select Folders to open the Open Folder dialog box.

Include run results found in subfolders

Adds all run results contained in subfolders of the specified folder to the Run Results area of this dialog box.

(Relevant only for folders in the file system. This option is not supported when working with tests in ALM.)

Run Results

Lists the run results that are stored in the specified test or folder, together with descriptive information for each. You can click a column's title to sort run results based on the entries in that column.


Deletes the selected run results from the file system and/or the ALM project. You can select multiple run results for deletion using standard Windows selection techniques.

<status bar>

Displays information regarding the displayed run results, including the number of results selected, the total number of results in the specified location and the size of the files.


Updates the list of tests in the Run Results area.