General Properties Tab (Properties Pane for Application Areas)

Relevant for: GUI components only

This pane enables you to view and define general properties for your application area, including its description and any add-ins associated with it.

Access this tab

To access this tab, do one of the following,

  • Ensure that an application area is in focus in the document pane.
  • In the solution explorer, select an application area node.

Then, select View > Properties to open the General Properties tab.

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User interface elements

User interface elements are described below:

UI Element



The name of the application area (the file name provided when creating the application area).


The ALM user name of the person who created the application area.


The ALM path and file name of the application area.


The description specified for your application area.

This field is mandatory, but a non-empty description is created by default for new application areas.

Tip: Update the default text with a clear description of your application area, so that users creating new components can understand which application area to use.

Additionally, use the Description area to indicate an application area that is still in progress.

Associated add-ins

The add-ins associated with the application area. The associated add-ins are those loaded by UFT One when components are accessed.

Note: In general, all add-ins associated with your business process test are loaded when your test run begins.

However, when running a Mobile test, if there are different settings for different application areas, only those applied in the application area for the first component in your test take effect.

Therefore, we recommend associating the application area for the first component in your test with all required add-ins.

Modifying the list of associated add-ins

When modifying the list of associated add-ins:

  • Selecting a child add-in also selects the parent add-in.
  • Clearing the selection for parent add-in also clears the selection for all children.
  • If you do not see the add-in you want to add, close and re-open UFT One and load it from the Add-in Manager.
  • Changes to this list may require that you restart UFT One for the changes to take effect.

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