Attachments Tab (Properties Pane - API Testing)

Relevant for: API testing only

This tab enables you to view input and output attachments associated with the current test step.

To access
  1. Open the Properties pane.

  2. Select a Web Service step in the canvas.

  3. In the Properties Pane, select the Attachments tab .

Relevant tasks Create an API test

The Attachments tab's user interface elements are described below (unlabeled elements are shown in angle brackets).

UI Elements


<Input Attachment>

Input attachments for the current Web Service step:

  • Type. Attachment type: NONE, DIME, or MIME.

  • Attachments. A list of the input attachments and their properties:

    • Origin. The name of the file to send as an attachment. Click the Browse button to navigate to the directory in which the attachment is saved.

    • Content Type. The type of file and format. Possible file types include:

      • application/zip

      • image/gif

      • image/ief
      • image/jpeg

      • image/png

      • image/tiff

      • text/plain

      • text/richtext

      • text/html

      • text/xml

    • Content ID. A unique ID for the attachment or Auto for an ID generated by UFT One.

<Output Attachment>

The server response saved as an attachment.

  • Attachments. A list of the output attachments and their properties to validate:

    • Content. The file content's checksum value. The checksum is computed by applying the MD5 hash function to the file.

    • Content Type. The attachment's content type.

    • Content ID. The unique ID of the attachment.

To validate an output attachment, select the check box adjacent to the elements you want to validate. Received attachments are saved in the test's folder, with bin extensions.