Data Source Properties Tab (Properties Pane - API Testing)

Relevant for: API testing only

This tab enables you to define the usage properties for your test's data sources.

To access
  1. Open the Properties pane.

  2. In the Data Pane, select a data source. This tab appears by default and all other properties pane tabs are hidden..

Relevant tasks Create a new child relation

The Data Source Properties tab's user interface elements are described below.

UI Element



The name of the data source node.

Child Relations

A list of the data sources sorted by:

  • Child Data Source. The sheet or table to use as a data source.

  • Primary Key. A column in the parent data source to use as a primary key for the child relation.

  • Foreign Key. The column in the child data source to use as a foreign key for the child relation.

To add, edit, or remove a child relation, use the corresponding buttons. For details, see the see Define New/Edit Data Relation Dialog Box.

Allow other tools to override the data

Allows other tools or tests to override Excel data. Enabling this option allows you to overwrite the data table values with ALM Test Resources. For details, see Test parameterization and configurations.

This option also allows action data to be edited when called by another test. For details, see Data Pane (API Testing).

This only applies to Excel data sources.

For Excel data sources with multiple sheets, you must enable this option for each data sheet if you did not enable it when importing the Excel file.

Data source policy

The policy by which to handle the data (only relevant for steps that call actions from an external test, to which data was assigned).

  • Use data stored with original action (read-only). Use the data that is associated with the action, as is.

  • Use a local, editable copy. Create of local copy of the action's data, to allow you to edit the values in the Data Pane.

This only applies to Excel data sources.