SOAP Fault Tab (Properties Pane - API Testing)

Relevant for: API testing only

This tab enables you to set the expected result of an Web Service or SOAP activity.

To access
  1. Open the Properties pane.

  2. Select a Web Service or SOAP step in the canvas.

  3. In the Properties Pane, select the SOAP Fault tab .

See also

Negative testing of Web services

User interface elements are described below.

UI Element


Fault is expected

Indicates that a SOAP fault is expected during the test run. This setting confirms that the application did not perform a task that it was not designed to perform.

XML tab

The SOAP envelope, containing the Header and Body of the SOAP message. In this section you enter the expected response.

You can define Any type elements or values for the following properties:

  • faultcode. A status code indicating that the SOAP request was invalid.

  • faultstring. A response string indicating that the SOAP request was invalid.

  • faultactor. An indication of the source of the fault.

XPath tab

A list of XPATH expressions used to evaluate the SOAP response.

  • Adds a line for an XPATH expression.

  • Removes the selected entry.