AUT environment parameters

Relevant for: GUI tests and API testing

In ALM, you can define AUT environments, which contain AUT environment parameters, to use in tests that run using server-side execution. When ALM runs the tests, ALM passes the values for the AUT parameters to the test.

Link UFT One test parameters to ALM AUT environment parameters

To create multiple sets of parameter values for your test runs, you define multiple AUT environment configurations in your ALM project. This enables you to use different values for various data in your test, depending on the application, situation, or environment on which the test runs. For example, you may want to run the same test on different Web-based databases, each requiring a different URL, user name, and password.

In UFT One, link UFT One test parameters to AUT parameters defined in a specific AUT environment in ALM. Subsequently, when ALM runs the test in server-side execution, the test parameters will receive the AUT environment parameter values passed from ALM.

For details on how to link test parameters to AUT parameters, see Run a test using Server-Side Execution

Note: All of the AUT parameters that you use must be from the same ALM AUT environment.

In the Properties pane, an ALM icon next to a parameter's default value indicates that it is an AUT parameter.

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Tests with linked AUT parameters saved to the file system

If you save the test to the file system, the links to the AUT parameters are removed, and the test parameters become ordinary parameters. The default values remain defined.

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Linked ALM AUT parameters deleted from ALM

What happens if the ALM AUT parameters linked to the UFT One test parameters are deleted from ALM?

  • If you open a GUI test with parameters linked to deleted AUT parameters, UFT One displays a message specifying the missing parameters, and the AUT environment configuration to which they belonged. The the links to the missing AUT parameters are removed, and those test parameters become ordinary parameters.

  • If you open an API test with test parameters that are linked to deleted ALM AUT parameters, the links remain unchanged.

  • If you run a test with test parameters linked to deleted ALM AUT parameters, the test will fail to run.

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