Text and text area checkpoints

Relevant for: GUI tests and scripted GUI components

Check that a specified text string is displayed by adding one of the following checkpoints.

Standard Checkpoint

Enables you to check the text property of an object. You can use standard checkpoints to check text in Windows-based and other types of applications (including Web-based applications).

Highly recommended for checking text in an application window, using the text (or similar) property.

Note: Text test objects support Text and Text Area Checkpoints but not Standard Checkpoints.

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Text Area Checkpoint

Enables you to check that a text string appears within a defined area in a Windows application, according to specified criteria.

When checking text displayed in a Windows-based application, it is often advisable to define a text area larger than the actual text you want UFT One to check.

You then use the Configure checkpoint details to configure the relative position of the Checked Text within the captured area.

During a run session, UFT One checks for the selected text within the defined area, according to the settings you configured.

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Text Checkpoint

Enables you to check that the text is displayed in a screen, window, or Web page, according to specified criteria.

For example, suppose you want to check the third occurrence of a particular text string in a page. To check for this string, you can specify which text precedes and/or follows it and to which occurrence of the specified text string you are referring.

Text recognition is not supported for objects in the Active Screen.

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