Parameter Values Tab (Action Call Properties Dialog Box)

Relevant for: GUI tests only

What is the Parameter Values tab?

This tab enables you to specify the values of input action parameters used by the called action and to specify the locations in which you want to store output action parameter values. You can also parameterize the value used for a particular input action parameter using any available parameter type.

When you should use the Parameter Values tab

You should use this tab to specify the run-time values of all action parameters for the current test.

To access

In the Action Call Properties Dialog Box, select the Parameter Values tab.

Relevant tasks

Display / modify action data

Use action and test parameters

This tab displays the parameters for the action and the values that are used in test run-time.

If you want to link these values to outside sources, do one of the following:

  • To set the value for an input parameter, in the Value cell, click the Configure the value button and enter or select the necessary value in the Value Configurations dialog box. If you do not specify a value, the parameter's default value is always used.
  • To select where to store the output parameter value, in the Value cell, click the Specify the parameter for output button and select a location for the parameter value in the Storage Location Options dialog box.

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