Run Tab (Action Call Properties Dialog Box)

Relevant for: GUI tests only

What is the Run tab?

This tab enables you to instruct UFT One to run only one iteration on the called action, to run iterations on all rows in the Data pane, or to run iterations only for a certain row range in the Data pane.

When you should use the Run tab

Use this tab when you have data entered in the Data pane and you want to instruct UFT One how to use this data during a test run.

To access

In the Action Call Properties Dialog Box, select the Run tab.

Important information
  • If you run multiple iterations on an action, the action must begin and end at the same point in the application, so that the application is in the proper location and state to run the next iteration of the action.

  • This tab applies to individual action calls and refers to the rows in the action's data sheet. You can set the Run properties for an entire test (setting iterations for rows on the Global data sheet) from the Run pane in the Test Settings dialog box.

Relevant tasks

Display / modify action data

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