Automatically generate API tests

To create API tests using the full IDE functionality, you must fully understand your application's service layer: what processes are used, what parameters are passed between layers of the service, and other similar details. This can sometimes be very difficult.

However, if you want to quickly create a test of your application, UFT One provides tools to automatically generate an API test, including test steps and step property values.

API Test Generator Wizard

This wizard takes the content from a WSDL file and creates a full API test, including all the steps in the test, and all the property values entered. After you select the appropriate file (which contains the meta description of your service), you select the methods to include in the generated test.

In addition, UFT One can create multiple and separate tests for a number of different testing aspects:

Testing Description
Positive Testing A full positive test that checks that the service's operations work as expected. This adds relevant checkpoints for each step (although these are not enabled by default).
Standard Compliance
  • Checks the service compliance with industry standards such as WS-I and SOAP.
  • Security Testing

    Tests the security of the service. You can select one of the following types of security testing:

    • SQL Injection Vulnerability. This checks if the service is vulnerable to SQL injections by injecting SQL statements and errors into relevant parameters.

    • Cross-site Scripting (XSS). Attempts to hack the service by injecting code with relevant parameters that will disrupt its functionality.

    Boundary Testing

    Using the negative testing technique, creates tests to manipulate data, types, parameters, and the actual SOAP message to test the component to its limits. 

    You can select one of the following types of boundary testing:

    • Extreme Values: Provides invalid data types to the services and verifies they are not accepted.

    • Null Values. Provides NULL parameters to the components to verify they are not accepted.

    For more details, see the API Test Generator Wizard.

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    SOAPUI to Test Converter

    If you have previously created tests in SOAPUI, you can convert these tests into API tests. The test is automatically generated, containing the steps and the test properties.

    For task details on how to automatically generate your tests, see Automatically generate API tests.

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