Learn tests and flows

Relevant for: business process tests and flows

If you are testing an SAP application, UFT One can "learn" components automatically from the application.

To learn, you simply perform user actions in your application. After you finish, UFT One automatically breaks down the learned areas of the application into individual business components representing a different screen or tab (or "transaction") in your application. Parameters are automatically added for the steps in the components, based on the values you used when learning the components.

While UFT One learns an application, it analyzes each of the components in the test or flow to see if there are already components similar to, or identical to, the learned components. If such a component exists, you can reuse the existing component instead of creating a new component.

Existing components in the project are compared to the learned component using the following criteria:

  • Both components represent the same screen/area of the application.

  • Both components represent the same screen/area with exactly the same objects.

  • Both components contain the same steps.

    This is true also for checkpoint and output value steps, which must refer to the same object properties.

    Note: If two or more steps refer to the same method, they are considered identical only if they refer to the same objects, and contain the same number of arguments.

  • Both components contain the same steps in the same order.

Only components in the project that were created through the Learn process are analyzed for similarity.