Create test steps in a business process test

Relevant for: business process tests or business process flows

This task describes create steps in the components included in your business process test or business process flow.

Note: This task is part of a higher-level task. For details, see Create and maintain business process tests and flows in UFT One.


  • If you are recording the steps in your components: Create a business process test or business process flow

  • If you are manually creating the steps in your component: Create or open a business process test or business process flows and add components to the test or flow.

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Create shared object repositories

In order to create steps of objects in your application, you must create test objects in UFT One to use in the test steps and store these objects in an object repository.

For details on creating shared object repositories containing these test objects, see Test objects in object repositories.

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Add test objects using Capture

For details, see Add test objects to a component with Capture.

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Add object repositories to an application area

In order to use the test objects you create in the actual components, they must be added to the application area for the component. This enables the component to access any of the test objects contained in the object repository.

  1. In the application area, select the Object Repositories tab.

  2. In the object repositories list, click the Add button . A new row is added to the list of object repositories.

  3. In the new row, click the Browse button.

  4. In the Open Shared Object Repository dialog box, navigate to where you saved the object repository in your ALM project.

  5. Click Open. The object repository is now added to the list of shared object repositories for the application area and the component.

    You can also view the test object included in the object repository in the Toolbox pane when the component is selected in the document pane.

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Manually add steps to your component

Before editing a specific component included in your business process test or flow, you must add it to the solution. To add the component to the solution, in the test grid view, right-click the necessary component and select Go to component/flow or click the Go to component/flow button on the toolbar.

To add steps to the component:

  1. Select the component tab in the document pane.

  2. In the component's tab, click in the Item column and from the dropdown list, select the relevant object or select Object from repository.

  3. In the Operation column, select the necessary method (action) to perform on the object.

  4. Add the necessary argument values to use when performing the method (action) on the object. If you hover over the Value cell you can see a description of the necessary arguments.

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Add steps to your component by recording

For details, see Record a business process test

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