Running iterations

Relevant for: business process testing

When running a business process test, you can vary the number of times a selected flow, component group, or component runs. This enables you to run flows or components with different sets of data.

Differing values in BPT iterations

This differing values are defined in the Data pane.

In the Data pane, specify the number of iterations for each flow or component. Then, for each iteration, specify values for each of the flow or component parameters.

In addition, you can export the component parameter iteration structure to an external Excel and then edit this Excel.

After you provide values for the parameters in each iteration inside the Excel file, you import the Excel back into the test and UFT One automatically uses the parameter values provided in the Excel file.

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Sample BPT iterations

Create a iterated business process test with components named Login, CreateLoan, and Logout.

In this scenario:

  • The entire business process test is iterated three times.

  • You can use different values for the parameters BankURL, Username, and Password in each test iteration.

  • Within each of the three test iterations, the CreateLoan component is iterated twice. This means that the CreateLoan component iterates a total of six times.

  • Different values for the CustomerName, CustomerPhone, CustomerAddress, and the Amount input parameters are used for each iteration of the CreateLoan component. Six different input parameters can be supplied in total.

  • The CreateLoan component provides an output value for the LoanID parameter for each iteration (six output values provided in total).

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