Manage Repository Parameters Dialog Box

Relevant for: GUI tests and components

This dialog box enables you to add, edit, and delete repository parameters for a single shared object repository.

To access

In the Object Repository Manager Main Window, do one of the following:

  • Select Tools > Manage Repository Parameters.
  • Click the Manage Repository Parameters button .
See also

Repository parameters.

User interface elements are described below:




Displays the name and path of the shared object repository whose repository parameters you are managing.

Add Repository Parameter. Enables you to add a new repository parameter.

Delete Repository Parameter. Enables you to delete the currently selected repository parameters.

Parameter list
(Name, Default Value, and Description)

Displays the list of repository parameters currently defined in this shared object repository. You can modify a parameter's default value and description directly in the parameter list.

Clear Default Value. Enables you to remove the default value of the parameter. If you remove the default value, the text {No Default Value} is displayed in the cell.

Note: If you delete the text manually, it does not remove the default value. It creates a default value of an empty string. You must click the Clear Default Value button if you want to remove the default value.

Find in Repository

Searches for and highlights the first test object in the shared object repository tree that uses the selected repository parameter. You can click this button again to find the next occurrence of the selected parameter.