Output Pane

Relevant for: GUI tests and components and API testing

The Output pane displays information set to the output in a test or component step. This includes:

  • Details about assets that cannot be located or loaded during a run session.

  • Information sent using the Print Utility statement during a GUI testing run session.

  • Run-time logs of an API testing run session.

To access

Select View > Output.

During a paused run session, click the Output Pane tab .

Important information

The Output tab may be unable to display the run results for very large tests, exceeding more than a thousand steps.

User interface elements are described below (unlabeled elements are shown in angle brackets):

UI Element


<Show output from>

The type of output to display:

  • Build Displays all API test build information. Click a row to navigate to the relevant code.

  • Debug: Includes debug information, such as all Print command (print log) outputs and details about API tests called from GUI tests.

  • Design.
  • User Logger.

Clear All Lines. Clears all of the messages from the message list.

Toggle Word Wrap. Wraps the text of each message onto the next line.


Jumps to the location in the API testing source document relevant to the selected output message.

<Find box>.The text string you want to find.

Click arrows to jump to the previous or next instance.

Refine your search using the following options:

  • Match Case.

  • Match Whole Word.

  • Use Regular Expression.

Extended regular expressions and multi-line searches are not supported.

Save Output to a Text File. Enables you to save the contents of the message list as a text file.

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