Call Stack Pane

Relevant for: GUI actions, scripted GUI components, function libraries and user code files

This debug pane enables you to view the following information during a paused run session:

  • Details about the methods and functions that are currently on the call stack of your test, component, function library, or user code file
  • The context in which the run session was paused
To access
  1. Ensure that a test, component, function library, or user code file is in focus in the document pane or selected in the solution explorer.
  2. Select View > Debug > Call Stack.
Important information
  • Navigate directly to the beginning line of a function, method, or context in your document by clicking on its row in the pane.
  • The Watch pane and Local Variables pane display information relevant to the context that you select in the Call Stack pane.

    For example, if you select the row for a specific function in the Call Stack pane, the variables from this function and expressions selected to watch from this function are displayed in their respective panes.

  • Right-click to show external methods, module names, argument values, and line numbers.
  • If you navigate to a stack that is not defined in a user code file, UFT One opens other coding files. Do not edit this code. Doing so can cause unexpected behavior in your run sessions.