Programmatic description checks

Relevant for: GUI actions, scripted GUI components, and function libraries

You can compare the run-time value of a specified object property with the expected value of that property using either programmatic descriptions or user-defined functions.

Programmatic description checks are useful in cases in which you cannot apply a normal checkpoint, for example, if the object whose properties you want to check is not stored in an object repository. You can then write the results of the check to the run results.

For example, suppose you want to check the run-time value of a Web button. You can use the GetROProperty or Exist operations to retrieve the run-time value of an object or to verify whether the object exists at that point in the run session.


The following examples illustrate how to use programmatic descriptions to check whether the Continue Web button is disabled during a run session:

Using the GetROProperty operation:

ActualDisabledVal = Browser(micClass:="Browser").Page(micClass:="Page").WebButton(alt:="Continue").GetROProperty("disabled")

Using the Exist operation:

While Not Browser(micClass:="Browser").Page(micClass:="Page").WebButton(alt:="Continue").Exist(30)