Adding and updating Insight or Text test object images

Relevant for: GUI tests and components

What is the Add Insight/Text Test Object dialog box? This dialog box enables you to modify the image stored with an Insight or Text test object.

  • For an Insight object, UFT One uses the image to identify the relevant control in the application.
  • For a Text object, UFT One initially creates the test object's text description property, from the text it identifies within the selected image. This property is then used to identify the text in the application.

Note: When adding an InsightObject.GetVisibleText method call to your test or component, you can use the Text Area Helper button on this dialog box to determine the coordinates that you need to provide as arguments.

To access

Do one of the following:

To change the image for an existing test object:

  1. Select an Insight or Text test object in the Object Repository window or Object Repository Manager.
  2. In the Test object image area, click the Change Test Object Image button.

To fine-tune the image during the process of adding a new test object:

Perform the first steps described in Work with Insight or Text test objects.

This dialog box opens after you select the control in the application and a snapshot of it is created (automatically or manually).

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