The Object Repository window vs. the Object Repository Manager

Relevant for: GUI tests and components

You perform many object repository-related tasks either in the Object Repository window or in the Object Repository Manager. Some object repository-related tasks can also be performed in both. The following table lists features and functionality, indicating if they are available in the Object Repository window or the Object Repository Manager:


Object Repository
(the local object repository)

Object Repository
(the shared object repository)

Adding and deleting test objects

Highlighting a test object in your application

Locating a test object in the object repository

Specifying or modifying object property values

Updating object property values directly from objects in your application

Restoring default mandatory object property values

Renaming test objects

Adding properties to an object's description

Defining new description properties

Removing properties from a test object description

Exporting local objects to a shared object repository

Using repository parameters

Merging multiple object repositories

Exporting the repository an XML file

Deleting unused objects