Compare two object repositories

Relevant for: GUI tests and components

This task describes how to compare two object repositories according to predefined settings that define how comparisons between objects are identified.


  • Make sure that a GUI test or component is currently open.

  • Make sure that the Object Repository Manager window is open.

  • Make sure the color settings are configured to match your needs.

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Select the Shared Object Repositories to compare

  1. In the Object Repository Manager window, select Tools > Object Repository Comparison Tool.

  2. In the New Comparison dialog box, specify the two object repository files you want to compare.

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Analyze the initial comparison results

After the comparison is complete, view the results summary in the Comparison Statistics Dialog Box.

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Analyze the detailed comparison results

Review and analyze the comparisons between the repositories in the Object Repository Comparison Tool Main Window.

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Utilize additional tools to help you perform the comparison - optional

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