Create a template GUI test

Relevant for: GUI tests only

In UFT One
  1. Open an existing test with the required add-ins loaded.

    Make sure that the add-ins included in the opened test are actually installed on the UFT One computer on which the test will eventually run. Otherwise, when the test is run, UFT One will not be able to load the required add-ins and the test may fail.

  2. Define the required settings in the Test Settings dialog box (File > Settings).

  3. If you want to include comments or steps in all tests based on this template test, add them.

  4. Select File > Save As. In the Open/New/Save/Add Existing <Document>/<Resource> Dialog Box, save the test to your ALM project using a descriptive name that clearly indicates its purpose.

  1. In ALM, click the Test Plan button on the sidebar to open the Test Plan module, and browse to the test you previously created in UFT One and saved in your ALM project.

  2. Right-click the test and select Mark as Template Test. The test is converted to a template test.