End Transaction Dialog Box

Relevant for: GUI tests only

This dialog box enables you to insert a step that signals the end of the time measurement for a transaction.

To access
  1. Open the existing test into which you want to insert a load transaction step.
  2. Select the Design > End Transaction.
Important information
  • There may be cases in which you want to instruct UFT One to perform all the steps in a transaction, even though an error occurs during the run session.

    To do this:

    In the Run pane of the Test Settings dialog box (File > Settings > Run node), select proceed to next step from the When error occurs during run session list.

  • You can also create recovery scenarios or other error handling steps to address these cases. For details, see Recovery scenarios.
See also

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User interface elements are described below:

UI Elements



The name of the transaction you want to end.

The list contains the name of all transactions that start prior to the selected step in the current action.

Insert Statement

Indicates where the EndTransaction step will be inserted in relation to the selected step.

Select Before current step or After current step.