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Can I write code to create steps in API tests?

No. API tests use regular backend processes from an application (represented by standard API activities) as test steps. Some of the activities are provided by UFT One out of the box, and others can be created by importing service models or assemblies to your test. In addition, there is an option for custom API test activities with the extensibility API in UFT One.

Furthermore, UFT One uses a number of files to compile your test before it runs. These files are read-only and cannot be edited. Therefore, the test run itself involves processes that you cannot edit.

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What if standard activities are not enough for me?

Add custom code activities to perform specific steps. However, you still must add these activities with the API testing user interface and then add the custom code as an event handler inside this Custom Code step.

In addition, you can add event handler code to any out-of-the-box activity or imported custom activity to extend the ability of that test step.

For details on using this custom code, see Event Handlers for API test steps.

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I don't use C# in my application. Can I use API tests?

Yes. While API test event handlers and custom code activities are based upon the C# language, they run on your application during the test run regardless of the programming language used to build your application.

In addition, any add-ins you load when starting UFT One do not affect API tests at all.

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