Testing localized applications

Relevant for: GUI tests only

I am testing localized versions of a single application, each with localized user interface strings. How do I create efficient tests in UFT One?

You can parameterize these user interface strings using parameters from the global Environment variable list. This is a list of variables and corresponding values that can be accessed from any test. For details, see Parameterize object values.

I am testing localized versions of a single application. How can I efficiently input different data in my tests, depending on the language of the application?

If you are running a single iteration of your test, or if you want values to remain constant for all iterations of an action or test, use environment variables, and then change the active environment variable file for each test run.

If you are running multiple iterations of your test or action, and you want the input data to change in each iteration, you can create an external data table for each localized version of your application. When you change the localized version of the application you are testing, you simply switch the data table file for your test in the Resources pane of the Test Settings dialog box.

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