Structure your test with actions

Relevant for: GUI tests only

  • Insert a call to a new action, an existing action, or a copy of an action from the Design menu or the Record toolbar, or by right-clicking in the Solution Explorer or the canvas.

  • Nest an action within an existing action from the Keyword View. Highlight the step after which you want to insert the call, and add the call as you would any other action.

  • Change the run order of actions from the canvas by right-clicking, dragging, or using the arrow keys.

    Dragging is supported for top-level actions only.

  • Remove calls to actions from the following locations:

    Solution Explorer Remove all calls to a specific action. If the action is local, the action is also deleted.
    Canvas / Keyword View

    Remove specific calls to an action. If the action is local, removing all calls to the action also deletes the action.

    Caution: Be careful when deleting a local reusable action. If the action is called by other tests, deleting the action may cause the other tests to fail.

You can also call actions dynamically during a run session using the LoadAndRunAction statement.

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