Locate an object in an object repository

Relevant for: GUI tests and components

This topic describes how to find, highlight, and locate an object in an object repository.

Find an object

  1. Make sure that the relevant object repository is open (in the Object Repository window or Object Repository Manager).

  2. Click the Find & Replace button . The Find and Replace Dialog Box (Object Repository) opens.

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Highlight an object in your application

  1. Make sure your application is open to the correct window or page.

    Tip: If you want to highlight an Insight or Text test object located on the desktop (and not in an application), make sure that UFT One is not hiding part of the object.

  2. Select the test object you want to highlight in your object repository.

  3. Click the Highlight in Application button .

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Locate an object from your application in the object repository

  1. Make sure your application is open to the correct window or page.

  2. In the test object tree, select the object you want to view.

    Note: This option is not supported for Insight or Text test objects.

  3. Click the Locate in Repository button .

    UFT One is hidden, and the pointer changes into a pointing hand. In some environments, as you move the pointing hand over your application, the test objects are highlighted.

  4. Use the pointing hand to click the required object in your application.

    If the location you clicked is associated with more than one object, the Object Selection Dialog Box opens. The selected object is highlighted in the object repository.

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