Modify Associated Add-ins Dialog Box

Relevant for: GUI tests and components

This dialog box lists all the add-ins currently associated with your test, as well as any other add-ins that are currently loaded in UFT One, and enables you to associate or disassociate add-ins with your test.

To access

In the Properties Pane (Test/Business Component Settings Dialog Box), click Modify.

Important information
  • If this dialog box contains a child add-in, and you select it, the parent add-in is selected automatically.
  • If you clear the check box for a parent add-in, the check boxes for its children are also cleared.
  • If a specific add-in is not currently loaded, but you want to associate it with your test or application area, reopen UFT One and load the add-in from the Add-in Manager. If the Add-in Manager dialog box is not displayed when you open UFT One, you can choose to display it the next time you open UFT One. To do so, select Display Add-in Manager on startup from the Startup Options pane of the Options dialog box (Tools > Options > General tab > Startup Options node). For details, see Global options.