Select Object Types Dialog Box

Relevant for: GUI tests and components

This dialog box enables you to specify a custom object filter for adding test objects to the object repository (while using the Navigate and Learn option or the Add Objects option).

To access

Click the Select button in the Define Object Filter Dialog Box.

Important information
  • When you define an object filter, it is automatically saved for future add object operations (performed from both the Navigate and Learn option and the Add Objects option).
  • The object types in this list are a generic grouping of objects according to the general object characteristics. For example, the List type contains list and list view objects, as well as combo boxes; the Table type contains both tables and grids.
  • The list shows all objects supported by the installed add-ins and is not specific to the object you selected. For some add-ins, certain child objects may be automatically filtered out and not added to the object repository when you choose to add all descendants of a specific object, even if those object types are selected in the list. If you want to add an object that is automatically filtered out, you can add it by selecting it in the Object Selection Dialog Box
Relevant tasks

Add test objects to an object repository