Ordinal Identifier Dialog Box

Relevant for: GUI tests and components

This dialog box enables you to define an ordinal identifier for a test object. UFT One uses this identifier to identify the object when multiple identical objects are matched during a run session.

To access
  1. From the Object Repository Manager Main Window or Object Repository Window, in the Test object details area, click in the Value column of the Type, Value row in the Ordinal identifier section.
  2. Click the Browse button in that cell.
Relevant tasks

Maintain test objects in an object repository

User interface elements are described below:

UI Elements


Identifier type
  • Index. The order in which the object appears within the parent window, frame, or dialog box relative to other objects with an otherwise identical description.
  • Creation Time. (Browser objects only). The order in which the browser was opened relative to other open browsers with an otherwise identical description. This identifier type is only available if more than one Browser object was open when the test object was learned.
  • None. Does not specify an ordinal identifier. This is the default value if UFT One did not learn an ordinal identifier.
Identifier value

The numeric value of the ordinal identifier.