Repository Parameter Dialog Box

Relevant for: GUI tests and components

This dialog box enables you to specify or modify property values for test objects in the shared object repository. You can specify a value using a constant value (either a simple value or a constant value that includes regular expressions), or you can parameterize a value using a repository parameter.

To access

In the Object Repository Manager Main Window:

  1. Select the test object whose property value you want to specify.

  2. In the Test object details area, click in the Value cell for the required property.

See also

Repository parameters

User interface elements are described below:

UI Elements



The constant value of the object property.

Note: You can also enter a constant value directly in the Value cell of the Test object details area.

Regular expression

Enables you to specify a regular expression for the constant value.

For details on regular expressions, see Regular expressions and Regular expression characters and usage options.


Enables you to select a repository parameter from the list of defined parameters.

Default value

The default value for the parameter, where applicable.