General Pane (Options Dialog Box > GUI Testing Tab)

Relevant for: GUI tests and components

This pane contains general options for working with GUI tests and components.

To access

Select Tools > Options > GUI Testing tab > General node.

Important information

Clicking the Restore Factory Defaults button resets all product settings, including ALM connection information, the recent files list, and anything defined in the Options dialog box, such as startup options, UI layout, GUI, API, and BPT testing options, remote connection credentials, and more.

User interface elements are described below:

UI Element


Periodically auto-save modified test

Instructs UFT One to automatically save the copies of open tests every a few minutes as you work.

You can customize the auto-save interval in the Time period for auto-save. Default: 3 minutes.

Any changes to these settings take effect only after you restart UFT One.

Disable recognition of virtual objects while recording
(GUI tests only)

Determines whether the defined virtual objects stored in the Virtual Object Manager are recognized while recording. For details, see Virtual Objects.

Open actions and scripted GUI components in this view

Specifies the view to use when opening a GUI action or scripted component.

Default = Last used view

You can still use the Toggle between the Keyword View and Editor button in the toolbar to switch between views.

Automatically update test and component steps when you rename test objects

Determines whether to automatically update test and component steps when you rename test objects in the local or shared object repository. For details, see Modify object properties.

Note: Applicable only if there are no syntax errors in the test or component when you rename the test object.

Automatically parameterize steps using
(tests only)

Instructs UFT One to automatically parameterize the test object method arguments in any action in which you recorded one or more steps during a recording session.

You can select to parameterize the steps with Global Data Table Parameters or Test Parameters.

For details, see Automatically parameterize steps.

Automatically generate "With" statements after recording
(tests only)

Instructs UFT One to automatically generate With statements when you record. For details, see Generate With statements.

Generate "With" statements for __ or more objects
(tests only)

Indicates the minimum number of identical, consecutive objects for which you want to apply the With statement. This setting is used when UFT One automatically generates With statements after recording and when you select to generate With statements for an existing action.

Default = 2

For details, see Generate With statements.

When pointing at a window, activate it after __ tenths of a second

Specifies the time (in tenths of a second) that UFT One waits before it sets the focus on an application window when using the pointing hand to point to an object in the application (for example, when using the Object Spy, checkpoints, Step Generator, or Recovery Scenario Wizard).

Default = 5

Generate Script

Generates a UFT One script containing most of the current global testing options.

When you click the Generate Script button, a Save As dialog box opens, enabling you to specify the name and file system location to store the generated file.

You can use some or all of the script lines from this generated script in a test. This can be useful, for example, if you want to create an initialization script that opens UFT One with a pre-defined set of options applied.

View a sample generated script

For details, see UFT One automation scripts and UFT One Automation Object Model Reference.