Output Options Dialog Box

Relevant for: GUI tests and components

This dialog box enables you to define the output type for the specified property. The available output types depend on whether the output value is for a test, a scripted component, or a keyword component.

To access
  • For tests and scripted components: In the Configure Value area of any Output Value Properties dialog box, click the Modify button.

  • For keyword components, use one of the following:.

    • In the Output cell of a component step, click the output value button  .

    • Press Ctrl + F11.

Important information
  • You can only output a value to an action parameter if the parameter has been defined as an output parameter for the calling action.

  • If at least one output parameter is defined in the action, UFT One may display Test/action parameter as the default output type. Otherwise, DataTable may be displayed as the default output type.

  • If at least one output component parameter is defined in the component, the default output type is Component parameter and the default output name is the first output parameter displayed in the Parameters pane of the Business Component Settings dialog box.

  • After you define an output parameter for a component, you can use its value as an input value in a later step in the component (local and component parameters), or in a later component in the business process test (component parameters only).

  • If you click in the Output cell in a component step after you specify an output parameter for the component, an icon specifying the type of parameter is displayed in the cell:

    • Indicates a component parameter.

    • Indicates a local parameter.

See also

You can choose from the following output types: