Page checkpoints

Relevant for: GUI tests and scripted GUI components

You can use page checkpoints to check statistical information about your Web pages. These checkpoints check the links and the sources of the images on a Web page. You can also instruct page checkpoints to include a check for broken links.

The following types of page checkpoints are available:

Individual Page Checkpoints

You can manually add a page checkpoint to check the links and image sources on a selected Web page during a recording or editing session.

Automatic Page Checkpoints

You can instruct UFT One to create automatic page checkpoints for every page during a recording session by selecting the Create a checkpoint for each Web page while recording check box in the Web > Advanced pane of the Options dialog box (Tools > Options > GUI Testing tab > Web > Advanced node). By default, the automatic page checkpoint includes the checks that you select from among the available options in the Web > Advanced pane.