Preview Pane (Options Dialog Box > GUI Testing Tab > Text Recognition)

Relevant for: GUI tests and components

This pane enables you to preview the text recognition result. You can adjust your text recognition settings globally in the Options window, or locally for the test run in your test itself, based on the preview result.

To access

Select Tools > Options > GUI Testing tab > Text Recognition node, and click the Preview button.

Important information

  • The Preview function is not supported for Tesseract OCR.

  • The ABBYY OCR Text Recognition engine is available only if you included it in the UFT One installation. If ABBYY is not installed, Tesseract is used as the default OCR mechanism instead.

Related tasks

Configure text recognition settings

UI options are described below. The UI and functions vary depending on the OCR mechanism you selected on the Text Recognition pane.

UI Element Description
ABBYY OCR Text Recognition engine (default)
OCR Configuration Set

The Preview pane provides four sets of OCR configurations:

  • Default: Default configuration used by ABBYY OCR engine to identify texts

  • Accurate: Provides a high recognition accuracy with a relatively slow speed

  • Fast: Provides a fast recognition speed at the expense of accuracy

  • Custom: Enables you to customize your own combination of OCR configurations

    Select one or more Recognition Parameters to create a custom set that meets your needs.

Recognition Parameters

ABBYY OCR text recognition parameters. For details about each parameter, see the table below.

Browse Click this button to select an image file of your application.
Recognize Click this button to preview the text recognition result of the selected image.
Generate Script

Generate a script containing the settings of a configuration set you selected or customized.

View a sample generated script

Copy Script

Copy the generated parameter settings to your test for a specific test run.

Baidu or Google OCR Text Recognition engine
Browse Click this button to select an image file of your application.
Recognize Click this button to preview the text recognition result of the selected image.

ABBYY OCR recognition parameters are described below.

Parameter Description

Detect text on pictures

Detect all text on a page image, including text embedded into figures and pictures.

Enable aggressive text extraction

Extract as much text on the image as possible.

Enable text extraction mode

Extract text from text blocks.

One word per line

Recognize the lines of text as a single word.

Remove garbage

Remove garbage from the image during objects extraction.

Remove texture

Remove the background noise from a temporary image used for recognition.

Fast objects extraction

Speed up objects extraction.

Use fast binarization

Use fast image binarization.

Correct skew

Correct skew during image preparation.

Prohibit color image

Use only black-and-white plane during objects extraction.

Discard color image

Leave only black-and-white plane in the prepared image.

Fast mode

Provide faster recognition speed.

Low resolution mode

Recognize a text on an image with low resolution.

Prohibit italic

Prohibit recognition of letters printed with italic-styled font.

Prohibit subscript

Prohibit recognition of subscript letters.

Prohibit superscript

Prohibit recognition of superscript letters.

Prohibit hyphenation

Prohibit recognition of hyphenation from line to line.

Case recognition mode

The mode of letter case recognition.

Field marking type

The type of marking around letters (for example, underline, frame, box).

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