Re-record an object to identify parent object description problems

Relevant for: GUI tests and components

  1. Open your application to the page containing the object that caused the error.
  2. Record an operation on the problematic object, such as Click. Then stop recording.
  3. Compare the parent hierarchy of the newly recorded object with that of the problematic object. Then expand one of the following, depending on whether the parent hierarchy is the same or different.

    If both steps contain the same parent objects, compare the parent descriptions in the object repository
    1. Right-click the new step and select Object Properties.
    2. In the Object Properties Dialog Box, click View in Repository. The Object Repository opens with the new object selected.
    3. If you find a problem with a parent description, try to fix it using the suggestions for Solve object description problems.
    If the problem stems from a different set of parent objects in the hierarchy
    1. Update all instances of the old hierarchy and replace them with the new object hierarchy, as described in the example.

      For tests and scripted components: Update all instances of the old hierarchy in the Editor.

    2. Delete the newly recorded step, as it is not part of your test or component.
    3. Remove the problematic object from the repository.
    4. If you are working with a shared object repository, update it with the new object that UFT One added to the local object repository when you recorded the new step.