Run GUI tests from Business Process Monitor

Relevant for: GUI tests only

Consider the following guidelines when running tests from Business Process Monitor:

  • To run a test in Business Process Monitor, UFT One must be installed and closed on the Business Process Monitor computer.

    Note: UFT One must be installed before Business Process Monitor.

  • Before you try to run a test in Business Process Monitor, check which versions of UFT One are supported by your version of Business Process Monitor. For details, see the Business Process Monitor documentation.

  • Business Process Monitor can only run UFT One tests that contain transactions.

  • Business Process Monitor can run only one test at a time. Make sure that the previous UFT One run session is finished before starting to run another test.

  • Transaction breakdown is not supported for tests created with UFT One.

  • Tests must be zipped before uploading them to Application Performance Management Admin.

    If you make changes to your local copy of a test after uploading it to Application Performance Management, upload the zipped test again to enable Business Process Monitor to run the test with your changes.

  • To run UFT One tests on a computer that is logged off, locked, or disconnected, set the Enable testing on locked, logged off, or disconnected remote computers option in UFT One Tools > Options > General > Run Sessions.

  • When running tests from Business Process Monitor, start Business Process Monitor by running the Business process monitor service from the Windows Services window.

  • To edit or record tests in UFT One, you must install a UFT One license.

  • You cannot use the ResultDir environment variable when running a test in Business Process Monitor.

Tip: You can simulate how the test will run from Business Process Monitor by using Silent Test Runner. For details, see Silent Test Runner.