Run GUI tests from performance testing products

Relevant for: GUI tests only

Consider the following guidelines when running tests from performance testing products:

  • You can run only one GUI Vuser concurrently per computer. (A GUI Vuser is a Vuser that runs a GUI test.)

  • Ensure that UFT One is closed on the UFT One computer before running a test in LoadRunner Professional or LoadRunner Enterprise.

  • The settings in the LoadRunner Professional or LoadRunner Enterprise Run-time Settings dialog box are not relevant for tests.

  • You cannot use the ResultDir environment variable when running a performance test.

  • Transaction breakdown is not supported for tests (scripts) created with UFT One.

  • UFT One cannot run on a computer that is:

    • Logged off or locked. In these cases, consider running UFT One on a terminal server.

    • Already running a test. Make sure that the test is finished before starting to run another test.