Known Issues - Using data

Relevant for: API testing only

This topic describes troubleshooting and limitations for working with data in API tests.

Data and general API testing

  • If a specified data source is or becomes inaccessible, the test will not fail. The Errors pane and report, however, indicate that there was an error in retrieving the data.

  • Keywords such as #SKIP# are not supported in the Input property grid.

    Workaround: Link to a data source that contains the keyword.

  • When adding a referenced Excel data source, if the file requires special credentials (for example, a location on another domain or a drive requiring authentication), you must verify that the operating system will allow access to the file.

  • Data sources with parent-child relationships, should not be accessed together in the same loop, unless the child data source is used for data-driving array elements. Accessing parent-child data sources in the same loop, may corrupt the test.

  • Linking to file names is not supported for HTTP Request and HTTP Receiver activities that use the File type message body.

  • For data sources with child relations: If you change the name the Key column in the child sheet, the Define New/Edit Data Relation dialog box does not reflect the new column name in the drop down lists.

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Data driving API tests

  • Data driving for JSON requests or responses, is only supported for Excel.

  • Data driving for an Excel data source is only effective for the first 254 properties of a step. If a step has more than 254 properties, they will not be data-driven.

  • Data driving for an Excel data source is only supported for property values consisting of 255 characters or less. If a property value has more than 255 characters, the data driving mechanism offers to truncate the string.

  • When data driving a test step that has an array with two or more nested levels, the data driving engine only copies the first element of each array to the Excel data tables.

  • Keyword data driving to an XML data source is not supported.

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