Silent Test Runner Dialog Box

Relevant for: GUI tests only

This dialog box enables you to simulate the way a UFT One test runs from LoadRunner Professional and Application Performance Management and to verify that your UFT One test is compatible with LoadRunner Professional and Application Performance Management.

You must have a valid license installed with UFT One to run tests with the Silent Test Runner. The Silent Test Runner uses the same license installed with UFT One to run tests.

Run tests using the Silent Test Runner

Open the Silent Test Runner from the Windows Start menu or by running <UFT One installation folder>\bin\SilentTestRunner.exe.

  • If you want to run tests with the Silent Test Runner, you must install the Samples component in the Custom Setup screen of the installation wizard.

  • You can invoke only one instance of Silent Test Runner and you can specify only one test to run.

  • You cannot use the ResultDir environment variable when running a test from Silent Test Runner.

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User interface elements

User interface elements are described below:

UI Elements



The full file system path of the test you want to run.

Note: To specify a network path, you must map the network drive.

Run Test

Runs the test specified in the Test box.

When you click this button, the test runs without opening the UFT One user interface. The text Running test... is displayed next to the Run Test button while the test is running.

When the test run finishes, the text Running test... is replaced with the text Test run completed. If Silent Test Runner was unable to run your test, the text Test could not be run is displayed.

Note: After you start a test run, you cannot stop the test run from Silent Test Runner. Even if you close Silent Test Runner, the test continues to run. To end the run, end the mdrv.exe process manually.

Test Run Log

Displays the most recent run log for the selected test. Each time you run a test with Silent Test Runner, the previous log file is overwritten with the current run results.

(Enabled only when the selected test has run with the Silent Test Runner at least once.)

Transaction Summary

Displays the summary of the transactions in the test.

(Enabled only when the selected test contains at least one transaction and the test has run with the Silent Test Runner at least once.)

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