Solution Explorer Pane

Relevant for: GUI tests and components and API testing

The Solution Explorer displays the currently open solution, with its associated documents and their associated files.

A solution is a collection of testing documents and other resources, similar to a binder or notebook. Use solutions to organize your testing documents to help you perform comprehensive application testing.

Example: Suppose you want to test a Web application for a flight booking application. You can create a solution containing several tests or components that verify various aspects of your application, such as logging in, booking a reservation, verifying the connection between your application and database, and verifying the transfer of booking information from your application to an airline server.

To access

Select View > Solution Explorer.

Important information
  • New documents are automatically assigned to a solution.

  • To add existing tests to a open solution, drag and drop the test file folder to the Solution Explorer.

  • To open a document that is part of the current solution without closing any other documents you currently have open, always open the document from the Solution Explorer.

  • When using UFT One on Windows Server 2012, some items are not displayed correctly in the Solution Explorer. Restart the computer to display the items correctly.

  • Solutions stored on a network location are not locked when opened by UFT One.

  • A solution can contain up to 10 tests and components.