Solve object identification problems for a test object class

Relevant for: GUI tests and components

If you find that the description UFT One uses for a certain object class is not the most logical one for the objects in your application, or if you expect that the values of the properties in the object description may change frequently, you can configure the way that UFT One learns and identifies objects.

To solve these problems, you can change the properties that UFT One learns for objects from the problematic class and/or you can define a Smart Identification configuration so that UFT One can recognize your objects even when the properties UFT One learns change during the run session.

For details on changing the properties UFT One learns, see Object Identification Dialog Box.

For details on configuring Smart description properties, see Smart identification.

Note: Changing the way that UFT One learns objects does not affect the properties of objects already saved in the object repository. You still need to manually modify the object properties in the Object Repository or perform an update run operation (Run > Update Run Mode) to update them automatically.